When does the improbable become the doable? The tipping point is usually when change excites us – a change of routine, of scenery, of what we think about every day. The Kimberley isn’t a destination that you put off for later. It’s not just for people who have lots of time, like backpackers, retiree bus-tourers, grey nomads and the ‘round-Australia-adventurers’. It’s for you – where you are in your life right now. Up here, there are countless big, small, active, reflective, and epic sensory experiences which can be done between 7–21 days. The only question you need to ask yourself now is – ‘One day? Or day one?’ You decide.

The Bungle Bungle Range, Purnululu National Park

A Kimberley holiday has a magic that gives you a collection of memories which last forever and changes something deep within you too. Imagine being back home, and sharing stories of when you stood on country, captivated by its unique Dreamtime ancient wisdom, and then were taught how to catch a mud crab for lunch? Or how you hiked through a gorge which led to that OMG view, followed by a rewarding dip in the purest of natural spring water? Or how you were so surprised by modern foodie flavours, whilst kicking-back with the locally made brews watching a sunset show of oranges, pinks and purples? The Kimberley magic is waiting for you to collect your own memories of it. What will be yours to take home?


We’ve made creating your Kimberley holiday experiences ‘must do’ list super easy. The hardest part will be choosing what to do. What makes the Kimberley unique, is its collection of unique experiences. Up here, one day you can be on a small group tour learning the local Aboriginal spiritual connections between land and sea the next day on an air tour seeing the Kimberley colour kaleidoscope or flying into remote locations where it’s just you and wilderness. Another day could be self-driving an easy-to-do road trip that takes you to waterfalls, secret oasis waterholes, ancient gorges and eye-widening open plains.

After staying in barefoot luxury and dining under the stars, you might choose to head to the Kimberley coast to see turtles, dolphins, dugongs and even graceful manta rays, on a day or extended cruise. Added to all that, meet our local makers of whiskey, gin and rum, taste our modern foodie scene and have fun at our events. And that’s not even all that you can do. See, we told you your ‘must do’ list will be long!

Yes we might be far away but that’s why we’ve put together some amazing Kimberley experience ideas, offers and holiday packages to tempt your sense of venture. Take your pick from ‘off-the-shelf’ holiday packages or create your own incredible holiday doing all the life-changing experiences that you thought you’d never do here. FYI – some tours and accommodation are heavily booked for the 2023 season, we encourage you to book for 2024 and beyond now.

You might be surprised that we’re more than just caravans and camping. Whether you like a bit of Kimberley style barefoot luxury and comforts by the water or in the bush, we’ve got just the places to rest your head and chill. If you’re after something truly unique up here, why not try an outback or on-country experience? Take your pick from glamping, bush cattle stations, and truly remote stays – where you can only arrive by boat or fly in via seaplane and chopper. Now that would be a story to brag about back home! What’s more, our dining choices will seriously surprise you. Think freshly-caught local seafood, mud crab with Asian style and bush tucker influences fresh off country. For those who still love an outback Aussie steak and chips, we’ve got plenty of those too. After all, if you’re leaving the city-lights behind, you’ve got to try something different right?

Do we really set out to create memories on holidays? Or do they just happen along the way? Either way, we all need a north star to point us in the direction to create them. Our 2023 Venture e-magazine is a collection of wanderlust temptations we’ve curated to help you create your own Kimberley ‘must-do’ experiences. It’s the perfect place to begin planning your Kimberley holiday.


We’re a super friendly bunch in the Kimberley and always happy to help with sharing a local insight of where to go and what to see. Please get in touch if you have questions we can help answer.

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